Incoming Calls and SMS Alerts

Don’t lose anymore important calls or SMS while you are working or enjoying with desktop computer.

With SynchroLab Client in your Android phone and SynchroLab Server in your desktop, you will get advised in the computer you choose when you receive an Incoming Call or a Message Text.

Phone’s Battery Alerts on Your Desktop

Receive notifications about the state of your phone’s battery in your desktop an avoid unpleasant surprises.

You will get alerts when your battery is Low, Very Low, Full and also Charging (when connected to power) or Discharging (when disconnected).

Many Servers at Once

Add and Save ’til twenty different desktop computers where you can receive the notifications and choose the ones you want to activate every moment.

They can be in the same local network or in different ones and so you don’t need to configure the app every time you change your network connection (home, work, …)

You can even receive notifications in multiple computers at once (if they are in the same local network).

More Features to Come

The actual features included in SynchroLab are the basic ones, but soon this app will get more characteristics like:

Email notifications.
Automatic search for running servers.
Choose the screen position for notifications.

And some others that we cannot reveal yet!